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Gasoline typeLW-G series

  • Small space saving!
  • Easy operation!
  • Three models of 200 type, 300 type and 400 type with different water production
  • Powered by Gasoline engine
  • Caster specifications and anchor specifications
  • Outdoor type, no building required!

Seawater desalination equipment

LIVE WATER is based on the reverse osmosis method. It uses a reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) and pressurizes and sends seawater with a pump to efficiently produce fresh water. Reverse osmosis can remove bacteria, viruses, fine particles, as well as salts, heavy metals, and organic substances in water, and can produce highly safe water as drinking water.

Product features

Stainless steel frame resistant to seawater (frame SUS304 used, piping SUS316 used)
It can be used for a long time as a seawater desalination device or a water maker for disaster countermeasures.
Easy to operate
One key (ignition key) for start / stop
Gasoline fuel for even lower running costs
Small space saving, can be used for various purposes
Standard equipment for automatic inhalation of sterilizer
■Equipped with a protective function that stops the power source when the raw water is drained or the safety filter is clogged.
  LW-200G LW-300G LW-400G
Maximum water production(At water temperature 25℃) When raw water is seawater 5,640L / day 8,460L / day 11,280L / day
When the raw water is fresh water 8,000L / day 12,000L / day 16,000L / day
Power Diesel engine 340cc 11.0ps (fuel tank capacity: 16 liters)
Approximate dimensions W1380×D680×H770 W1380×D680×H770 W1380×D680×H1000
Approximate weight 170kg 198kg 260kg
  • Raw water hose (with intake strainer) 7m… 1 set
  • Treated water hose 5m… 1 set
  • Concentrated water hose 7m… 1 set
  • Security filter cartridge (1 each for 10μ and 3μ)… 1 set
  • Residual chlorine concentration / PH measuring device… 1 set
  • Sterilization chemicals (1.8 liters)… 1 bottle
  • Device cover ... 1 sheet
  • Storage box for equipment ... 1 box
  • Suction up to 7m, water supply to go up to 5m, direct air suction that does not require priming.
  • The security filter is a two-stage filtration system. (1st stage: 10μ, 2nd stage: 3μ)
  • The amount of water produced depends on the quality of the raw water and the water temperature.
  • Some raw water cannot be treated, so please contact us for details.
  • This power tag does not guarantee the results obtained by applying the information described, and the safety and compatibility of this product. Before using, please check the safety and compatibility of this product according to its purpose.
  • The sterilizer automatic inhalation device may not be able to inhale automatically when the treated water is sent upward.
  • Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
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