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Desalination of seawater with an increase of 50 m3 / day or moreDesalination device for seawater (small portable type)LW-HP series

  • Two models, 50 m3 / day and 100 m3 / day, are available.
  • The device can be divided into three parts, and it is lightweight, compact, and has casters for easy transportation and installation.
  • It is an outdoor type and does not require construction of buildings.
  • Introduced a total maintenance system.

Toray's reverse osmosis membrane plays an active role!

We have long obtained the water we need for our daily lives, such as drinking water, from the rain that falls from heaven.
However, since rainwater is affected by weather conditions, it is difficult to secure it in a stable manner. Therefore, research is underway to treat seawater to produce drinking water, and several types of seawater desalination methods have been developed.
Of these, our seawater desalination equipment uses the reverse osmosis (RO) method, and it is possible to produce fresh water with high energy efficiency simply by pressurizing the seawater with a pump using a reverse osmosis membrane.
The reverse osmosis method is a method that can remove not only bacteria, viruses, and fine particles in water, but also salts, heavy metals, and organic substances, and can produce highly safe water for drinking.
Toray's reverse osmosis membrane used in this device has been adopted in the seawater desalination plant in Okinawa Prefecture (Chatan Water Purification Plant), which is Japan's first big project, and has been highly trusted. In addition, regarding the maintenance of the equipment, we will take responsibility for the maintenance management for long-term stable operation maintenance by contracting the total maintenance system.

Structure of a reverse osmosis membrane element


Specifications (for 50㎥ / day)

Item Specifications
Water produced 50㎥ / day
Water intake 140㎥ / day
displacement 90㎥ / day
Power consumption 30kW
Approximate dimensions W7000×D2000×H2400 *1、2
Approximate weight 3500kg(dry)、6000kg(operating) *2
Other Seawater tank is optional
Can be installed outdoors, unit configuration divided into 3
Can be carried by a low flat floor long 4-ton vehicle * 2

*1 Excluding casters and level adjusters *2 Tank not included

Flow diagram

  • ※本カタログは、記載の情報の適用によって得られる結果並びに本製品の安全性・適合性について保証するものではありません。ご使用にあたっては、その目的に応じて本製品の安全性・適合性についてご確認ください。
  • ※仕様及びデザインは、予告なく変更する場合があります。
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