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LW-F series

  • Well water general filtration
  • Iron removal, manganese removal, chromaticity removal, chlorine removal, etc.
  • Filtration for reuse of various types of wastewater
  • Pretreatment of pure water equipment and reverse osmosis equipment
  • Circulation filtration of pools and bathtubs

We will propose the optimum system in total.

  • -You can choose the material of the filtration tower (SS, FRP, stainless steel).
  • ・ Rubber lining etc. are available for inner finish.
  • -You can select the operation method (manual / automatic).
  • ・ We have abundant filtration materials such as turbidity removal, iron removal, manganese removal, chlorine removal, and chromaticity removal.
  • -It can also be used as a pretreatment for various water treatments.

The material of the filtration tower is available according to the application.

Filter tower material

Operation specification table

Material SS(kg) FRP(kg) Main pipe diameter Treatedwater volume(㎥/Hr)
straight body length 1.5mH 1.8mH 1.5mH 1.8mH
body diameter 400φ 460 520 350 400 32A 0.8~1.6
600φ 930 1,030 770 860 50A 1.7~3.5
800φ 1,590 1,770 1,380 1,530 65A 3.0~6.0
1000φ 2,430 2,220 2,190 2,430 80A 4.7~9.5
1200φ 3,670 4,070 3,250 3,580 100A 6.8~14.0
1400φ 4,960 5,490 4,460 4,940 100A 9.2~20.0
1600φ 6,460 7,130 5,910 6,540 125A 12.1~25.0
1800φ 8,340 9,190 7,680 8,460 150A 15.3~31.0
2000φ 10,740 11,830 9,600 10,560 150A 18.8~38.0

We can also manufacture sizes of 2000φ or more and other sizes than the above !!

  • The amount of treatment depends on the quality of raw water. Some raw water cannot be treated, so please contact us for details.
  • This Cataloda does not guarantee the results obtained by applying the information described, as well as the safety and compatibility of this product. Before using, please check the safety and compatibility of this product according to the purpose.
  • Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
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