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Adsorption type oil / water separation device(Type:LW-MTS-OSU series)

  • Industry's first filling material storage! Cartridge method
  • Filled with high-performance oil-impregnated wastewater treatment material "Filtor FT"
  • The recovery part has a float structure and follows the liquid level fluctuation.
  • Continuous suction recovery of surface oil
  • Only oil adsorbents are consumables, and running costs are low.
Adsorption type oil / water separation device

Equipment configuration

  • ・Oil recovery float unit
  • ・Water supply unit (pump: separate type)
  • ・Oil adsorption device Unit


Oil slicks and surface oil floating on the premises drainage pits and existing oil-water separation tanks are recovered with an oil recovery float floating on the liquid surface, and oil and water are separated by an oil-water separation device (oil adsorption method).


Product features

(1) The industry's first storage of filler! Uses a cartridge method (processing amount: approx. 5 liters / minute / book)
Point1: Easy to replace the filling material! (The filling material is packed in a mesh bag.)
Point2: Compact design allows effective use of space.
Point3: The number of cartridges used can be set according to the assumed oil processing amount.
(2) Since it is filled with "Filtor FT", a high-performance oil-containing wastewater treatment material that can also treat emulsified oil (working mardiyonization), the treated water can be n hexane extract substance: 5 ppm or less.
(3) The recovery unit has a float structure that follows liquid level fluctuations and continuously sucks and recovers surface oil.
(4) Consumables are only oil adsorbents. The running cost is low.

Flow diagram



Placement format OSU-10 OSU-20 OSU-30
Outline of the appliance Oil and water recovery amount ~10L / min 10~20L / min 20~30L / min
Target oil Mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil
Collection method Float type
Oil recovery float
External shape φ500×420
Oil recovery port We will select according to the installation environment and processing amount.
Weight (excluding hose) 6kg
hose 25A
Material Resin, SUS304
water supply unit pump We will select according to the lift and specifications.
Oil adsorption decive unit shape 500×(500)×(1920) 500×(730)×(1920)
Filling material Filtor FT 12kg Filtor FT 24kg Filtor FT 36kg
Weight (when full) 142kg(192kg) 170kg(250kg) 240kg(290kg)
Raw water inlet diameter
Raw water return caliber
Treated water outlet diameter 40A
Drain caliber 40A

* Model selection may differ depending on the conditions of raw water. Please contact us for other flow rates.
* Dimensions and weight are built-in options.

Test Data

Analysis items Result of Analysis Analytical method
Raw Water Treated Water
1. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) 98.0mg/L 5.8mg/L JISK010221
2. Chemical Oxygen Demand (CODMn) 65.0mg/L 4.1mg/L JISK010217
3. Norman hexane extract (animal and vegetable oil) 95.0mg/L 3.0mg/L JISK0102 reference1.2
4. Norman hexane extract (mineral oil) 230.0mg/L 5.0mg/L JISK0102 reference1.1
5.C heavy oil Measured value over 5.0mg/L Gas chromatograph method
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