• Mtech's Strengths

Mtech's Strengths

Product quality is determined by water

Mtech responds to various requests from water treatment method and membrane selection to operation system development, manufacturing, and maintenance according to the customer's usage environment and application.

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    For the food industry

    Not only can we simply use water to manufacture food, but we can also create products that apply water treatment technology. In 2006, Mtec installed a facility to produce concentrated water from boiled seafood.

    Securing water for food processing
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    Securing water by desalination of seawater and brine

    Demand for safe and secure water is increasing worldwide due to the depletion of water resources and the deterioration of the environment of water sources. Mtech is involved in deep sea water desalination equipment (Cape Muroto) in Japan.

    Manufacture of drinking water and food using deep sea water
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    As industrial water

    For example, water used for semiconductor processing. Water used for machining and machine manufacturing. By improving the quality of "water" and making it suitable for the application, we believe that we can produce high-quality products with few complaints.

    Pure water production for product cleaning
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    For medical and experimental use

    Water for dialysis, water for injection, etc. requires water that requires purity, such as ultrapure water. Stable supply with this required purity.

    Improving the quality of experimental water
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    For drinking water in the event of a disaster

    At the time of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1997, Mtech installed the Mtech brand product "LW series". The "LW series" is a small water purification device, and there are different types depending on the amount of water produced. This device is also used in the salt refinery industry.

    Drinking water in the event of a disaster

For all companies that use water

If you have any problems with water treatment such as cost reduction and quality improvement, please contact our Mtech.

In addition, even if it is in the experimental stage, we will accept consultation on development.

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